Heat Damage

originalPlease, please, please, try to avoid using heat! Using heat on your natural hair can cause permanent damage to your hairs’ natural texture. I know many of us like to take breaks from our curly hair looks, or we may want to simply straighten our hair for easier management but it’s a big risk we take in order to do so. How we treat our hair has a direct impact on how healthy or unhealthy our hair will be.

Straightening your hair can cause your hair to have split ends, and straightening can also make your hair more prone to breakage. However, if you “absolutely must” straighten your hair you should do so by using methods that will not cause a lot of harm.

First, it is important that you know your hair and its heat tolerance because everyone’s hair is different. For example, softer/finer hair can be more easily damaged by heat. When starting to style your hair using heat it is important to first deep condition and moisturize your hair. This ensures that the hair cuticle is closed and coated. Another important product use for straightening your hair, is heat protectant. Using the heat protectant will create a barrier between your hair and heat exposure.

Excess heat can be very detrimental! So if you are going to apply heat to your hair I recommend that you do no more than once a week. Less if your hair is easily damaged. Start off with a small amount of heat to see how your hair reacts or only use a medium to low heat when styling.

Lastly, if you are really looking to rock that cute straight hair look and you aren’t properly sure how to do so without damaging your hair I recommend going to a stylist that knows natural hair who could be of service. A great alternative to a regular flat ironing that stylist will do for naturals is the Brazillian Blow-Out. I have had this done to my natural hair a few times and it has never harmed my natural hair and it allows the hair to be silky, straight, and smooth and still return back to its natural curls without damage.

I hope this helps!


6 thoughts on “Heat Damage

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  1. i literally went and read all your blogs because all the tips seemed so helpful. your blogs are very good and useful you should try expand out because most people don’t know much about taking care of there hair. i learned new things from reading your blogs.

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  2. My younger sister has been straightening her hair with a hot iron for a long time and I’m shocked that doing so was potentially bad. I will definitely pass this valuable information along to her. I appreciate your knowledge about this and, if I ever decide to grow my hair out, will avoid straightening it. Great article!

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  3. This is incredibly interesting. I knew that straightening your hair could cause problems, but I was unaware as to what extent. I think it is wonderful that you know so much about natural hair! You seem to be very interested and passionate about it. I love your blog, keep it up!

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