Wash Day!

Many naturals like myself consider wash day to be a bit of a chore so I’ve decided to think of some methods that could make my wash day less of a hassle and I hope the ideas I came up with could help you as well. I understand that there are many different hair textures but hopefully, you can use some of these steps as a general natural hair wash day guide. e20056cce3b09450e7fc1d75c2aec6e2 (1)

First, before the hair washing process even begins, try to detangle your hair. You can detangle with any of your favorite moisturizing products or oils. When detangling your hair it is best to either finger-detangle or use a wide tooth comb as these are the best options to prevent breakage.

Next, you want to apply your shampoo directly to your scalp. This will help loosen any dirt from your scalp. After, you have applied the shampoo to your scalp, twist or braid your hair loosely in sections. Doing this will help prevent tangles and knots when the hair begins to shrink during the washing process.

Then, rinse the shampoo out of your hair and apply a deep conditioner. Leave the deep conditioner in your hair for 15-30 minutes under a plastic shower cap. Doing this will allow your hair to retain moisture and feel soft. This is a very important step in the washing process. The main purpose of deep conditioning is to keep your hair hydrated and well nourished.

Following the deep conditioning, rinse your hair off with apple cider vinegar; granted it doesn’t smell the best but it does work wonders for your hair. You’ll need 2-3 tablespoons of the apple cider vinegar and a glass of water. (This step will help restore your hair’s pH balance.)

Lastly, squeeze out the excess water with a t-shirt and apply your leave-in conditioner, hair butter, and oil to seal.

Wash day is always an extensive process, but I do hope this is a wash day process that will work for you. You can do it!



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