Protecting Your Crown

The act of protecting things that are valuable to us is a common shared belief amongst our society, so the main reason for wearing protective styles is to preserve something valuable to us from harm. Protective styling is a concept that reduces ongoing manipulation of your hair, encourages growth, and protects the ends of your hair while also reducing knots and tangles.There has been a misunderstanding within the natural hair community about protective styling and what it is. Let me explain why protective styling is so important.

Failing to incorporate protection into your natural hair routine is one of the reasons that several naturals experience excessive hair breakage and fail to retain their desired hair length. Usually, when we refer to the concept of protective styling, we are specifically talking about the various protective hairstyles that can keep your ends safe and tucked away. Some people think of protective styles as styles that are damaging to the natural hair. This is partially true, failure to take care of your hair even while it is in a protective style can still result in damage to your crown.

Protective Style: Cornrows/Braids
Cornrows/Braids are a common protective style. This style allows for less day-to-day manipulation of the natural hair while allowing for a fun cute look.

However, protective styling is only one component of your natural hair protection journey. You must focus on your entire natural hair regimen and look for ways to incorporate more protection across the board. Protective styling is about increasing the number of good things that you do for your hair and decreasing the number of bad things that you do to your hair. If you fail to take your time with your hair and be gentle, it is easy to stress your hair strands and cause unnecessary breakage. Here are a few vital tips for protection:

  1. Be sure to comb your hair with a wide tooth comb starting from the ends to the root to avoid tangles and breakage.
  2. Only comb your natural hair when it is wet/moist.
  3. If you are going to rock protective hair styles don’t forget that you still have to take care of your hair. Continue to oil your hair while your hair is in its protective style to retain moisture.
  4. Do not rock protective styles that are going to be damaging! If you get braids make sure they are not too tight so that you can avoid pulling out your hair.
  5. Do not apply heat to your natural hair! If you must, be sure to apply heat protectant spray and do not apply excessive heat at extreme temperatures. This should be done rarely.

Be sure to incorporate a few protective styles and tips into your daily hair care routine and continue to push through your natural hair journey. You got this!

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