Caring For Your Curls

Caring for your curls is a must when you’re natural. It is important to keep your natural curl pattern healthy and intact. Here is a simple tip that will help maintain your curls beauty.

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A two-strand twist is a great way to keep your curls fresh and maintain your hairs elasticity. When twisting your hair it is important to use some type of moisturizer because dry hair can easily become damaged hair. Be sure that your hair is moistened well and then proceed to sectioning your hair. Sectioning will allow the twisting process to run smoothly. To perform the two-strand twist you take a strand of hair and separate it into two then slowly coil the two strands around each other. Continue that process throughout. After you have completed your twisting process wrap your hair up for the night… if your doing this over night. If not feel free to rock your twist throughout the day, and for the best twist-out results feel free to rock them for a few days. Then, untwist your hair from the ends up to the root to be sure not to damage your hair or your twist. Do this until all your twist are out. Once they are out, you can adjust your curls to your liking. I always fluff mines up some by spraying a little water on my hair and using my hands to maximize my hairs volume. Oil your hair for a nice shiny finish and lastly go out, take the day by storm, and enjoy the results of your beautiful twist-out.

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  1. I have semi curly hair and hate waking up with the frizz. I do not think this twist look would be for me but I am interested in the product that you may use to help control the curls or frizz. It seems that nothing will hold all day. Do you think using a moisturizer would help with this frizz? What would you recommend for males? Maybe I will try using some moisturizer so that my hair does not become dry and damaged. Nice tips.

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    1. I would recommend Aussie products for your hair. They work well with allowing curls to be neat and detangled while still keeping them defined. Thank you for the feedback!


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