The Struggles of Shrinkage


For all of my naturals out there with beautiful coils and curls, I know how dealing with shrinkage can be a bit frustrating. For those of you who are not aware of what shrinkage is, shrinkage can best be defined as the contraction of hair (in this case). My shrinkage and I have a love/hate relationship. Some styles just don’t look right, but seeing people’s jaws drop when I show them how long my hair really is never gets old. Shrinkage can be deceiving, but I guess that goes back to the hate part of it. Although irritating, shrinkage can be a good thing because shrinkage in curly hair means healthy hair. You read that correctly! The fact that your natural hair is able to shrink back to its normal state after being stretched by whatever means indicates that there is a measure of health and strength in those strands. Isn’t that what we want? Sure, it doesn’t really help when you’ve spent all night achieving a fierce blow-out and here comes a day of 99% humidity to shrivel up those kinks! I’ve been there. But you’d better be glad your hair snapped back the way it did! Bottom line: If your hair is healthy, it will grow to whatever length it’s going to grow to. In the meantime, embrace your hair and ALL of the beautiful characteristics of your God-given mane whether curly, coily, or kinky, and rock what you’ve got. This is what natural hair does. Accept it. You’d be a much happier natural if you did.

What can I say, shrinkage happens. *Shrugs*

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